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Medi Shams

Owner of Sign & Print
6186 Yonge St.

First- For 27 years, I have lived and worked in Willowdale as a tenant in properties belonging to the same owner who considered his tenants as members of his family.

Fieldgate took over the ownership in 2019 and sold it recently with a considerable profit without putting pressure on its tenants.

The property management of the new owners immediately increased the rent by 33% for all three tenants, Zaffron Restaurant, Sign and Print, and Red Rose Bakery. Instead of disclosing the identity or contact information of the owners for direct negotiation, the property management continues to send us warnings. . 

As both a residential and commercial tenant of the same landlord of properties located at Yonge/Moore Park, I realize how commercial tenants are vulnerable, and there is no law to protect them.
A lot needs to be done! Every journey begins with a single step.
Here I am. Join me in protecting together our neighbours and neighbourhood.

Later- Having an accommodating new landlord and after months of negotiations, we could cancel the rent increase and agree on a five-year lease with a demolition clause not before march 2024.

Unfortunately, there are no laws to protect commercial tenants in Ontario. Something should be done. The task is on us, the business owners. This could be done better with the cooperation of developers in good faith.



Yonge/Moore Park New Development
25 Floor High Rise

The Ontario Land Tribunal (“Tribunal”) will conduct a
Case Management Conference (CMC) by Video
Conference for this matter.
The event will be held:

ON: Wednesday, November 9, 2022  - AT: 10:00 AM


The Tribunal has set aside 1 day for this matter.
The event will be held using GoTo Meetings.

The appellant(s), applicant, municipality or approval authority, and those persons who intend to request party or participant status, are asked to log into the video hearing through the link provided above at least 15 minutes before the start of the event to test their video and audio connections.

All persons are expected to access and set-up the application well in advance of the event to avoid unnecessary delay. The desktop application can be downloaded at
GoToMeeting. A web application is also available:

A compatible web browser for this service is Chrome.
Persons who experience technical difficulties accessing the GoToMeeting application or who only wish to listen to the event can connect to the event by calling into an audio- only telephone line: 1 888 299 1889 (Toll Free) or: +1 (647) 497-9373.

The access code is 914-098-901.






6184-6186-6188-6200 Yonge St.
11-15 Moore Park Ave.
25 Floors - 347 Residences
760sqm Daycare

Official Plan and
Zoning By-law Amendment

application to facilitate the redevelopment of the site for a 25-storey mixed-use building having a non-residential gross floor area of 760 square metres, and a residential gross floor area of 24,332 square metres. A total of 347 residential dwelling units are proposed, and 174 parking spaces (138 resident, 34 visitor, and 2 commercial).

Urban Toronto       Forum

Report For Action - March 2022

5995-5997 Yonge St.
40 Floors

Application Number: 19 251072 NNY 18 OZ
Application Type: Community Planning
Ward: Ward 18: Willowdale
Status: OMB Appeal
Date Submitted: Nov 19, 2019
Contact Name: Guy Matthew
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: (416) 395-7102


6167 Yonge St.
2 Buildings - 14 Floors each

Official Plan and
Zoning By-law Amendment
to facilitate the redevelopment of the site for two 14-storey mixed-use buildings having a combined non-residential gross floor area of 998 square metres, and a residential gross floor area of 37,812 square metres. A total of 549 residential dwelling units are proposed.


5400 Yonge St. and 15 Horsham Ave.
32 Floors - 324 Residences
730.7 sqm Retail - 1713.65 sqm Office

Application Number: 18 106120 NNY 23 OZ
Application Type: Community Planning
Ward: Ward 18: Willowdale
Status: OMB Approved
Date Submitted: Jan 17, 2018
Contact Name: Stephen Gardiner
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: (416) 392-5460

5800 Yonge St.
4 Buildings - 34/37/38/44 Floors
1496 Residences - 1225.7 sqm Retail
4601.7 sqm Office - 781.5 Daycare

Application Number: 20 110947 NNY 18 OZ
Application Type: Community Planning
Ward: Ward 18: Willowdale
Status: OMB Appeal
Date Submitted: Jan 31, 2020
Contact Name: Stephen Gardiner
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: (416) 392-5460

6080 Yonge St. and 11 Homewood Ave.
20 Floors - 262 Residences
808 sqm Retail

Application Number: 20 158233 NNY 18 OZ
Application Type: Community Planning
Ward: Ward 18: Willowdale
Status: OMB Appeal
Date Submitted: Jun 19, 2020
Contact Name: Heather Au
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: (416) 396-5570


172 - 180 Finch Ave. W.
2 Towers (11-6 Floors - 177 Townhouses
495 Residences

Application Number: 21 124969 NNY 18 OZ
Application Type: OPA & Rezoning
Ward: Ward 18: Willowdale
Status: Under Review
Date Submitted: Mar 09, 2021
 Description: Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendment application to permit a residential development containing mid-rise buildings, low rise buildings and townhouses.
Block A - an 11 storey mixed use apartment
 Block B - a 6 storey apartment building

Consultation Meeting
7 and 9 p.m. on Thursday April 14,

33-43 Centre Ave.
3 Floors - 83 Dwelling Units

Application Number:17 253018 NNY 24 OZ Application Type: Rezoning 
Date Submitted:
Status: OMB Appeal
Description: A revised Zoning By-law amendment application to permit 83 units within five 3-storey buildings. Three of the blocks front Centre Avenue and the other two blocks front a landscaped pedestrian courtyard.
The proposed FSI is 1.3 times the area of the lot,

68-78 Churchill Ave.
44Townhouse Units

Application Number:21 235582 NNY 18 OZ Application Type: Rezoning
Date Submitted: 08/11/2021
Status: Under Review
Description:Zoning By-law Amendment for 44 new townhouse units having a total residential gross floor area of 8158 square metres.




52 Finch Ave. W.

3 Storey - 2 Residential units + @ level commercial units + 5 Parking

Application Number: 21 149986 NNY 18 OZ Application Type:Rezoning
Date Submitted: 04/05/2021
Status: Under Review
Description: Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application to permit the proposal for a 3-storey mixed use building that includes 2 residential units and 2 levels of commercial units with 5 proposed parking spaces.

40 - 48 Hendon Ave.

6-storey - 4 two-storey townhouse
67 apartment units

Application Number:19 109332 NNY 18 OZ Application Type:Rezoning Date Submitted:28/01/2019
Status:OMB Appeal
Description:The revised re-zoning and Official Plan amendment applications propose a 6-storey (19.65 m) residential building consisting of 4 two-storey grade-related townhouse units and 67 apartment units, for a total of 71 units. A total of 5,931 square metres of residential GFA is proposed, equating to a FSI of 2.56 times the lot area. The revised applications propose a 232 square metre on-site parkland dedication along the western limit of the site. Site access is proposed via a 7.2 metre wide driveway off Hendon Ave which leads to the loading area and ramp to the UG garage. A total of 44 parking spaces are proposed within one level of UG parking.

500 Sheppard Ave. East

35 and 39-storey

Application Number: 21 235569 NNY 18 OZ Application Type: OPA & Rezoning
Date Submitted: 08/11/2021
Status: Under Review

Official plan amendment, zoning by-law amendment and condominium applications propose the redevelopment of the site with a 35 and 39-storey mixed use building having a residential gross floor area of 55,850 square metres, non-residential gross floor area of 2150 square metres with a total of 928 dwelling units. The overal floor space index (FSI) of the proposed development is 10.12 times the site area.

Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods  - EHON
Schedule Meetings Information

Missing middle' housing solutions - Community Consultation

North York

Big changes could be coming to your neighbourhood as Toronto looks to increase its housing supply by relaxing current zoning restrictions which limit new construction  to single  dwellings on relatively large lots in almost all of Willowdale and most other areas outside the downtown. 

The City's Planning staff are currently looking at providing "missing middle" housing in the form of semi-detached units, duplexes and multiplex units. 

To find out more about what's being considered, and to provide your comments, you are invited to an online presentation of the Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods initiative 
April 5, from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

John will be holding an additional meeting for Willowdale residents only, details to be announced later.

Here are the details of how to join. From a computer, visit . The webinar number is 2453 750 8141 and the webinar password is NorthYork. To join by phone, dial +1 647-484-1598. The access code is 245-375-08141



Community Consultation on 172 - 186 Finch Avenue West residential redevelopment
City planners and Councillor John Filion want to hear from the public on a proposed development at Finch and Grantbrook. 
The application, encompassing 172 to 186 Finch Avenue West, 1 to 33 Grantbrook Street and 305 to 3013 Hendon Avenue, proposes 496 residential units in a mix of low and mid-rise buildings and townhouses, ranging between three and 11 storeys.
This proposal is contrary to the City's planning rules for the area, as contained in the Finch Ave. Secondary Plan.

The meeting will take place between 7 and 9 p.m. on Thursday April 14, online. To find out how to log on, visit Toronto's Engagement Webpage at



- Why The Ontario Municipal Board Appeals Process Has To Go (OMB)
The OMB appeals process takes control and accountability over planning issues away from communities and democratically elected officials.

The OLT was formerly known as the Ontario Municipal Board before it was renamed the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal in 2018. On June 1, 2021 the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal was merged with the Environmental Review Tribunal, Board of Negotiation, Conservation Review Board and the Mining and Lands Tribunal into a new single tribunal called the Ontario Land Tribunal.

- Official Plans Amendment
An official plan describes your upper, lower or single tier municipal council or planning board's policies on how land in your community should be used. It is prepared with input from your community and helps to ensure that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of your community.

- Zoning Bylaws Amendment
An official plan sets out your municipality’s general policies for future land use. Zoning bylaws put the plan into effect and provide for its day-to-day administration. They contain specific requirements that are legally enforceable. Construction or new development that doesn’t comply with a zoning bylaw is not allowed, and the municipality will refuse to issue a building permit.


Growth to Watch For 2018: North York Centre & Willowdale


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Get involved

If you have concerns about a proposed zoning bylaw or amendment that may affect you,
- you should: find out as much as possible about the proposed bylaw and how it affects your property
- go to any information sessions, including open houses and public meetings, to give your opinions
- discuss the proposal with municipal staff and council members
- make a written submission to council If you have any concerns, you should make sure that you let council know about them   early in the process.
Council will then have time to consider your feedback and may make changes before the bylaw is passed.